Local group pack

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As a guideline, we have provided roadmap documents for each commune. In these roadmaps, you’ll find a step-by-step guide through the process, as well as practical information about your commune. Some data may be missing; in that case, you’ll have to do some investigation.


    For the Interpellation Citoyenne, we have provided an example for Ixelles (FR). This example is meant for inspiration, and will have to be adapted to your commune.
    We have also provided a signatures form. This form is generic, and you can use several of them and group them later (20 is the minimum, but in this case: more is more!)


    We are working in conjunction with VoteBrussels, a volunteers group led by the Migration Policy Group.

    Where 1bru1vote is focused on voting rights for the regional elections, VoteBrussels is mobilizing non-Belgians to register for the Brussels’ 2018 local elections.

    While collecting signatures, take the opportunity to inform non-Belgians about registering for the communal elections. VoteBrussels has provided supporting material: a FAQ on the why and how of voter registration, accompanied by the actual voter registration forms for both EU and non-EU citizens:

    Finally, we have grouped the commune posters (the same as used as the header picture in your facebook groups). These posters can be used for promotion, as hand outs or any other purpose you can think of. More promotional material (the 1bru1vote poster in several languages) is also available here.