2008, still finishing my EU-Russia relations Master’s – Plan was ½ year EU policy training at the Mission of Norway to the EU, then back east to work on my Russian. Brussels wasn’t done with me however – got a job as Norwegian EU advisor. Met Ania, the inspiring Polish lady who became my wife. Went on to become head of climate action NGO Bellona Foundation’s EU office. Most recently, became the proud father of a lovely little Brusseleir (Brusseles, to be precise). I love Brussels’ many facets, its many bottom-up festivals and initiatives. Yet I dream of a more human city, not least for my daughter to grow up in. Less cars, more space for its people. Green space, safe space, clean streets, and above all: clean air! All I know share this vision – but many feel helpless facing the administrative lasagne. Too many are not eligible to vote – at least where it matters.